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I went to the opening day of the Farmer's Market near our town.  I loved it I was so excited about the up coming growing season it really motivated me.  I came home and weeded for about and hour this was during my 1 yr old's nap.  Then I encouraged my husband to bring home some straw so we could mulch the garden.  My seedlings are just babies but I am awaiting their growth into full fledged plants.  My oldest son has even started his own seedlings and are waiting to plant them into the larger garden.  My root crops are doing well and we have added to the farm (or backyard). 


We now have 16 chickens - 10 mature egg producers and 6 babies.  The integration of these babies has begun.  I look forward to more eggs.  I am learning new ways to prepare egg dishes and cooking generous amounts of egg salad.  Yum. 


We have also added our first bee hive and I look forward to a crop of honey.  We are novices at most of this and I am preparing for my first season of really large amounts of canning and food preparation.  I know soon enough the amount of work I will have to do along with taking care of my children will keep me from having any free time. 


The anticipation though of the first harvest is drawing me to the garden every day. 

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