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Are Granite Worktops Worth The Investment?

Granite has been man’s favourite architectural stone for ages. Human civilizations across the world boast of some magnificent architectural marvels made of granite. In today’s modern era, the stone is equally popular as worktops and vanity tops. London households prefer granite as their kitchen worktops and for flooring, vanity tops and wall cladding. The number of granite worktops installed in homes and commercial buildings in London and elsewhere is higher than any other stone worktops.

Granite Kitchen Worktops

Like all other stone worktops, granite worktops involve investment in the form of cost of the stone, installation charges, and periodic maintenance. Are these worktops really worth the investment? Well, the answer is yes. The next few sections bring out the facts that make London granite worktops amongst the most preferred stones for worktops.

Aesthetic Appeal & Elegance

London households love elegance and class when it comes to home décor and furnishings. Kitchen being the prime focus of any home enjoys a lot of attention. The look and feel of kitchen depends to a great extent on the choice of worktops.

Granite is a naturally found stone that comes in a wide array of colour shades, textures and patterns. Made out of molten rock, these stones feature tiny stone crystals ingrained in them rendering an attractive texture that is both elegant and beautiful. The aesthetic appeal of these stone worktops easily complements the overall kitchen décor theme of any home. The abundance of colours, patterns and textures make the job of London households easy while choosing granite kitchen worktops. All their investment on these worktops is rightly worth because they are able to install a beautiful stone worktop that goes with their style statement and overall home décor theme.

Long Life

Of all types of stone worktops, granite is the strongest. Their durability and sturdiness allow them to last a lifetime. When used as kitchen countertops, the stone is perfect in withstanding daily wear and tear, scratches, heavy impact, and varying weather conditions. When compared to other stones such as marble countertops, granite is less porous and therefore has higher resistance to water and moisture depending on the finish of the stone. It keeps granite kitchen countertops away from stains and bacterial and fungal growth.

So, the investment a London household makes on granite kitchen worktops is more like a lifetime investment. Once installed, these worktops can stay in their pristine condition for a long time.

Ease of Maintenance

Granite worktops are the easiest to maintain than all other stone countertops that typically require professional resealing every six months or a year. In case of granite work surfaces, you can reseal the stone once every 2-3 years depending on its finish. The daily maintenance routine is also minimal in case of granite worktops. All one needs is a damp cloth to clean off the surface.

Thus we see that granite kitchen worktops worth the investment that people make on them. These worktops provide service for years and keep adding elegance to the kitchen without requiring any frequent and expensive maintenance routine.

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