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We have our first litter of Holland Lops from our newest rabbits.

Yesterday Bee looked like this:

And this morning when we checked on her she looked like this:

And this is what we found in her brand new nest we made over the weekend:

They are all covered up with mom's hair right now but stay tuned for picture updates at least once a week to see how the little bouncing bundles are progressing.

You also might want to follow along at

Bouncing Bundles Rabbitry!!!

Just wanted to let you know about the new arrivals!! We are soooo excited and got another litter due on the 3rd but I seriously don't think she will make it that long!! ha ha ha

Be sure to check out the new eBook "Cattle Panel Structures" for free download. This is how we just built our new rabbit barn. It is working beautifully even after the strong thunderstorms with heavy heavy wind we had last night the bunnies are all snug and warm in the new barn.

Visit Stinnett Family Farms and as always.....

Happy Homesteading!!!!

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