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Tomatoes as many as will fill the amount of jars you have
1 teaspoon of salt per jar
*Optional 1 teaspoon of lemon juice per jar

  •  Drop tomatoes whole into boiling water
  • Watch for them to have their skins crack or for them to float on top of the water
  •  When cracked or floating pull out of water  place in tub of ice water
  •  Use your hands to gentle pop of skins and leave the tomatoes whole
  •  Pack into hot jars and push down at the top to fill the jar with the tomatoes juice
  • (Note depending on the type of tomatoes, and jar size you may be surprised how many fill a jar. I used medium ones last night in quart jars and had about 15 – 16 tomatoes per jar! )
  •  Wipe jar then adjust two piece caps.
*Water Bath*
  • Pints 35 minutes
  • Quarts 45 minutes
*Pressure Canner*

Dial Gauge Type @ 11 pounds pressure or Weighted Gauge Type @ 10 pounds pressure.
  • Pints 15 minutes
  • Quarts 15 minutes


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