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Ok so the hot tub lost it's romance plus broke down this winter and we weren't about to put any more money into it so, we thought we would give it away and placed an advertisement on kijiji. Well what a fiasco that turned out to be! With all the crazy questions and comments (even though I had no idea what was wrong with the thing and I posted pictures showing what was broken) we were beginning to wonder if we would have to fork over more cash to have the thing moved. We even had one fellow somehow discover where we lived,  bang on our door, demand to see and insist he was hauling it away there and then! Another man showed up with four friends and insisted to them he would just wire it in to his dryer plug. Thank goodness they were not equipped to move it.  I was horrified after , as I had visions of his house going up in flames and me loosing mine in some crazy lawsuit.

Anyways I still had the courage to run the ad again. This time vowing to screen people before they could even come see it. Well as luck would have it my husband's friend answered the ad and yesterday whisked the aforementioned hot tub away for good!

I now have a backyard again. I must say there is much work to be done. We are turning it into a small homestead. We have raised beds to build and a chicken coop to prepare. I also have a plot at a community garden down in my neighbourhood.

We are also turning  a new leaf in the energy department. Since we are no longer wasting the energy with that cumbersome hot tub, we are looking into wind and solar power.  A turn for the better we think.

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