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And your mind went straight to the gutter didn't it?

Pat Boner fixes my computers. Chris Boner and his boys tend to do the yardwork once I give up on my children.

Today, Chris and one of his boys, Mason, came over. They finished the tilling for the corn/squash area - along with fixing the cultivator I didn't realize was broken because it's been like that the whole time I've owned it - and cleared 2.5 beds and three of the paths of the sewer project dirt. I had Mason leave the last half of the last bed and the largest path area because that batch of dirt is full of broken glass and clay pipe that is not to go back in the hole. They finished up after enduring a brief rain shower, and headed home. The rain started in earnest shortly thereafter, complete with pea sized hail.

We appear, weather-wise, to be getting the gentle batch. Someone had tennis ball sized hail. The clouds are of the interesting swirly variety - I have some vid and pics which I will see if I can load up (just ignore me and Mum talking if I can) - though not of the scary as of yet, and the lightening and thunder are nothing like what we were told to expect.

The temperature, however, has dropped and is still dropping. We may get that freeze and snow that was threatened. I am hoping we get to avoid that, too, but we'll see.

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Comment by Jennifer on April 14, 2014 at 9:16am

Snow. Oof. Enough already. Did your plants survive the hail OK?

Comment by Jana Franzen on April 15, 2014 at 2:22pm

It was pea-sized (we were very lucky) and of short duration. I've just been outside to snoop at them. They seem to be fine.


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