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Wow! Did not realize it had been so long since my last post! We have been having copious amounts of rain, it has removed my lane from existence three times now. My two remaining Hens (areaconas) are laying very regularly, my cantaloupe and watermelon are almost ready, the eggplants my wife wants to pick , but I want to let stay until they are about 2 more inches around, they are larger than a softball, but I believe they can still get some more growth. Peas are ready to pick a couple handfuls every day, beans are almost ready to go in the crock-pot, tomatoes are great as long as the grasshoppers are kept off the ripening ones, onions are big and tasty, sweet potatoes might be a bust for this year, the deer found them earlier, and really have a taste for them. OK, off of here now to go fix some grub!

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