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Summer wind down time. 46 degrees on the old thermo this am. Amazing! One day it's summer, the next, it definitely feels like fall. Picking blackberries, harvesting grapes, making pickles from the bumper crop of Heirloom Lemon Cukes, grabbing up the daily load of sugar sweet Sungold tiny tomatoes, daily cheese batching for the aging fridge , hay making and loading into the barn for winter...it's harvest time!

Something happens when the seasons change. There's an energy in the air, a change in our step, a swing in our mood to a time of being intensely busy but with the anticipation of a time of rest. 

I'm ready for shorter days and longer nights of rest. I'm ready for spending time with balls of wool and radio shows to keep me company next to the crackling fire. I'm even ready for the flakes to fly.

It's been a good season, this summer. Lots of sun has warmed our backs while we tended gardens and watched over our flocks. But now it's time to rest and think about next season. 

I for one, am already planning for it with the arrival of a ram for breeding my four girls and anticipating spring lambs, transporting the goat girls for breeding and then hopefully kidding in the spring and more milk for creamy cheeses.

But for now, I'm looking forward to a rest with just feeding and tending, and a time without milking the girls. They need a rest too, as we milked through this season after kidding last spring. So, they are due a time off from their duties as maids of the farm. 

Come on fall, I'm ready for you with your brilliant array of color. Apples, I'm ready and waiting. Pumpkins and squash, bring on your brilliant array of colors and tastes so we can enjoy the sheer decadence of your bounty baked into pies and muffins and casseroles. 

A change of seasons. Time for reflection, an opportunity to slow down and appreciate friends, family, community and our lives filled with wonderful people, and adventures we could never have imagined. 

I'm ready.

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