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Cherries & Strawberries, Mustard Greens & Garlic Scapes, and School's Out . . . for Summer!

Our days are alternating between unseasonably cool--love!--and surprisingly hot--not acclimated yet--so eating has been all over the place. I realized more than being a seasonal eater I am a weather-dependent eater. I don't care if the calendar says June, if it's 50's and rainy I don't want a chicken salad, I want a roast chicken. The cool temps mean it's more comfy to sit and weed for long stretches, and the peas are loving it. I may well get a sugar snap pea harvest yet.

The kids got out of school this week. It doesn't matter if I'm enrolled or not--it's still lovely to celebrate the end of the school year. Now that exams are over I have every reason to hope that my makeshift food photography studio in the breakfast nook will be reclaimed.

In the garden I've harvested strawberries and the first 2 garlic scapes. I added the latter to the bag from the CSA farm share. I'm not sure which Spring treat I looked more forward to--each has their charm, I suppose.
I've fleshed out the Garlic, Garlic Scapes and Green Garlic Recipes Collection of my Visual Recipe Index by Ingredient, adding recipes from other bloggers--up to 40 recipes now!--that's a lot of ideas!

On the blog I've shared my thoughts on being a weather-dependent eater with this Mustard Greens Kheema recipe. This ground beef curry is a tasty way to use a bag of farm share greens in a family-friendly one pot dish. I used my chicken fryer, not that I've ever fried chicken in it, but that's what the bottom of the pot says.

Cherries are in season around town. [I did not forage any because when I walk dogs these days it's 3 leashes connected to 120 total pounds of hound. I am preoccupied.] I'm sharing a recipe for Cherry Yogurt Muffins with Roasted Beets. These sweet treats start in the blender for easy mixing.

Pizza is a Friday night staple at our house, and to celebrate a revamped Garlic Scape Recipe Index I've shared a pizza sauced with garlic scape pesto. Loaded with veggies, this Mushroom Artichoke Pepper and Onion Pizza is a gourmet vegetarian delight that can be made right at home.

Week 2 of the farm share and I'm managing the influx of greens quite well--so far, at least!

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Comment by Catherine Molski on June 11, 2015 at 9:59am

Thank you for the recipes.  I took a look at your blog and I think I have some "pesto" work in my weekend!

Comment by Kirsten Madaus on June 14, 2015 at 12:42pm

You're very welcome, Catherine! Thanks for visiting!
Yesterday I picked up pistachios but just realized I'll need to scrounge up more herbs for the massive amount of scapes I'm working with today. I'll be sharing my worm bin with the kids in the local historical society's garden program, so perhaps I can pick up some parsley and basil there.


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