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I am awake. I have been outside doing stuff. This is strange and abnormal due to years upon years of 2nd & 3rd shifts.

So, the chickens. Let them out to run around the yard a bit instead of the two pens they've been alternating in so far. No, the outside pen is not finished. I've still to find a door of the proper size. And screws, because the box of jars they said had screws only contained nails. Know where I can get both. Door will be free. Screws, sadly, must be got at the hardware store because all the ones I've found are too small. Despite this, I have managed a cobbled together mess that keeps the door shut, so they are now in the outdoor pen. The extended one attached to the back porch has been taken down.

The fluffy jellybeans are uncertain as yet what to make of this new development, but they have begun exploring beyond the extent of their old environment. They are cute and adorable and need new homes. My son informs me that they are his and I can't give them away. I beg to differ. Two cats is plenty. Six? No. I am not the cat lady, and we are in town, not on a farm. We have a house baby and a snake killer - that's all we need. The snake killer got herself knocked up before I thought she was old enough for such: she's very small and I was told she was younger than she apparently was. Anti-kitten measures are in her future.

Onions are now planted. They are in the wagon. I took the sprouted ones (kinda yellowish-white skin, sweet when fried, haven't tried raw) from the Harvester's program and put them in the front, so there's 10 unidentified bulb types. Mum has been complaining about her green onions (scallions, whatever you call them in your neck of the woods) needing thinned, so I grabbed a trowel and headed over to see how bad it was.

If anyone needs green onions? Go get 'em from me mum. They've taken over about 3 pallets by 3 pallets worth of her garden, give or take a bit. I chose two bunches, argued the bit of grass out of them, split them in half, and planted the four bunches in the back of the wagon.

*contemplates* I'm pretty much through outside for the day. I need to clean up and head downtown, and by the time I'm done with that, the clouds ought to be ready to start raining. They've been busily moving in since before 6am, when I should not have been awake to notice them.

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Comment by Jennifer on April 23, 2014 at 11:07am

Love these windows into your day. Thanks for sharing!


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