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Please welcome –

Jackie Brown – she’s super chill – if she grows up to be anything like she is now she’s going to be super docile

Lucy Loo – she picks on everybody – so far at the top of the pecking order

Cluck Norris – Lucy’s right hand pecker – Cluck Norris starts pecking where Lucy leaves off!

Smiles Davis – kinda hard to pin her down. She fights back when picked on but otherwise just hangs out. I wasn't having a bird named 'smiles' but my oldest named her so gotta keep it. Thanks K. for adding the 'davis' - now I'm loving it!

... and last but not least

Pasti Butt - as in ‘pasty butt’ – she poops a lot! – a lot! Hoping she cuts back soon - gonna need to swab her vent so the poop will slide off (TMI?)

Lots of thought and consideration went in to these names. Seriously - these birds will be a part of the family for a while to come. I may have to send them to that big coop in the sky when they stop laying but that's life - until then they get names. It's only fair.


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