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I was introduced to Fire Cider (produced by a local place, Shire City Herbals in Pittsf... a few weeks ago when a friend offered me a few precious shots of his stash after hearing me complain about inflamed lymph nodes in my throat, and the worry of a prolonged oncoming illness.  Made with apple cider vinegar and other natural, immune-boosting ingredients, according to writer Trisha McCaul:“Fire Cider is a tonic with antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which can be taken daily as a preventive and also at the onset of colds or flu; an expectorant (that) breaks up congestion and helps us ward off respiratory ailments and sinusitis; also helps to stimulate sweating and moves toxins out of the body, which is beneficial in cases of colds, flu and mild fevers”.

Nick (my hubs) and I have been barreling through the summer, busy with farmers markets and the first year of our shop being open.  We have been running on fumes for a few weeks now after a very busy Harvest Festival season.  The sudden dip and pendulous swings in temperature here in Upstate NY in Autumn always bring a round of colds and flu to the masses.  This year, the nefarious version includes a nasty chest cough with phlegm that lasts for weeks (Nick and our daughter can’t seem to shake it).  My infection came after theirs, and I knew getting sick would cripple our family flow that is hanging by a thread already.  Even though this concoction contained vinegar, raw horseradish and ginger, and brutally hot peppers, I downed three shots of it before nights end.  Boy did it burn! I could feel the tonic attacking everything in my throat and chest that ailed me. By the next evening, my lymph nodes were no longer swollen and I wasn’t feeling sick at all (although I do think I held on to a little bit of the chest cold).

Read More of Britin's post on Fire Cider & get the recipe on our blog:


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