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CSA Cookoff: Refrigerator Rescue Mission

Parker Farm CSA Share 8/11/10: 1 pint orange cherry tomatoes, 2 pounds red tomatoes, 1 pound green
peppers,1 eggplant, 2 pounds assorted potatoes, 1 pound green
beans, 1 bunch red Swiss chard and of course, the obligatory beets.

Yes, the cherry tomatoes tasted like candy. No, there aren't any left.

So, after a brief but lovely vacation, I come back to a bit of a dilemma: More vegetables in the fridge, husband is still on vacation (scoundrel!), and - for the next three days - I'm eating for one.

I roasted the tomatillo (from last week's share) with the green peppers and a few cloves of garlic, then pureed with fresh cilantro (last week's share, on the cusp of rotting) for an enchilada sauce some time down the road.

The beets are of epic size and I swear I can hear them scoffing: "heh heh...let's see you stack me in layers!". The beet greens are downright sad. I can't keep up and now the greens are wilted, lifeless and decaying.

I soaked them briefly (which made them even more limp), pulled out the tragic black parts, wrapped them in paper towel, and back in the fridge. Tonight, I can blanch and freeze them for a winter soup (I hope).

Two heads of cabbage, along with those lovely carrots from earlier shares and five cloves of garlic, make what we refer to in our household as "stink kraut". Aromatic, zesty and sooooo good.

Panzanella is always the right solution: Stale bread + tomato + olive oil + vinegar + basil = perfect dinner for one.

Now the contents of the fridge are down to a manageable pile of massive beets (which I will pickle this weekend), green beans, a good sized eggplant, and a drawer full of potatoes, onions and carrots.

Oh, and my friend Arthur just asked if I wanted his CSA share (Pickup tomorrow). I could have said no, but I've got a problem. A vegetable problem (Do I need an intervention? Nah...it still beats smoking). I promise, whatever I can't immediately freeze, can or eat is being donated!

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Comment by Tim Bailey on August 13, 2010 at 2:23pm
Damn that husband of yours, with so many vegetables to be had too. Looking forward to the stink kraut!


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