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Earth Stoves: Disco Day Relics Still Useful

Introduced by Earth Stove, Inc. of Tualatin, Oregon in the 1970's, Earth Stoves were innovative in that they were airtight, had a large wood capacity and thermostatic control. Early Earth Stoves are easily recognized by their signature orange and yellow ceramic medallions on the front of the stove.

Here is a scan of a later Earth Stove manual from 1985.  The Earth Stove Company was later acquired by Lennox, who discontinued the line in 2000.

My husband purchased our Earth Stove Series 100 for $80.00 a few years ago.  We used it in our previous farm house and moved it to our current home in 2003.  We have been heating our home exclusively with this stove, even when the temperatures dip well below zero.

We replaced the firebrick last fall, but that's really the only attention we've given to it over the years, with the exception of a good cleaning and blacking in the spring.

It's a veritable workhorse that has served us well for many years. If you are in the market for a wood stove and happen to find one of these Earth Stoves for sale or auction in good condition, I would urge you to snatch it up.  

You won't regret it.


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