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Everything I’ve Learned about Healthy Eating After a Month of Growing My Own Food

After spending a weekend at a friend’s farm last year, eating fresh produce that I helped harvest that same day, I pledged to do more to grow my own food. This took a back seat when I returned to my own home and make excuses for why this couldn’t work for me. Eventually, following a friend’s advice, I decided to start small. I planted potatoes and onions. Then carrots. Then cabbage. And then broad beans. Next, the chicken coop when up and we welcomed Mitzy and Norah to our family. Fresh eggs for breakfast, hearty soups for lunch and roast meat for dinner accompanied by fresh vegetables. It was an eye opener for me as I re-learned how to cook and feed my family. Here are just some of the things I learned about food after a month of healthy eating…


Healthy doesn’t have to be boring: If anything, pledging to take responsibility for what you put in your body actually makes you think outside the box. You learn new methods of cooking and develop new recipes from scratch that soon become family favourites. Whether you’re ripping off family favourites or creating their next favourite meal, I found growing my own food to be anything but boring.


You can’t go back easily: I volunteer at a local fostering drive, which means once a month I stand out in the cold and encourage people to sign up for fostering, Manchester has a considerable shortage. I usually rely on a local sandwich shop for my lunch, but after growing my own veggies, I found the salads really bland and I swear I could taste chemicals! It’s probably all psychological, but it’s difficult to go back to shop bought salad once you’ve grown your own tomatoes!


The weight stays off: I didn’t go down this route to lose weight, but I can’t help but notice the benefits. When you cut out the processed nonsense, you soon start eating whole nutrients which are much more beneficial to your body and take more to digest. I haven’t lost loads of weight, but my clothes fit better and I have loads more energy.


What you eat matters: It’s easy to assume that the food sold in shops is perfectly adequate and they wouldn’t sell it to us if it wasn’t. I have to say I disagree. Pesticides are bad news, and when you cut them out and start letting your body hit reset, the difference can be seen immediately, especially in kids!


How has everyone else adapted to growing their own food? Have you noticed any other pleasant side effects not listed here?


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