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We’ve been telling the story of North Country Sustainability Center for nearly two years. Finally we put it in a YouTube storybook.  Check it out, please.


NCSC, as we call it, is a innovative incubator that builds communities by  allowing the development of the skills that have long been there.  Traditional skills such as carpentry, sewing, cooking and farming are being rediscovered, but in many regions they’ve always been there. At NCSC we are reusing existing buildings, and existing talents, to build a new economy.  We need outside assistance to purchase the ideal buildings, which are currently in foreclosure, and to allow us to keep working at our existing, leased site, at the same time.

Please, if you can spare a dollar, or much more; if you can spread the word to others who might be able to spare those funds, then help us build this “innovation hub,” in Central  New England. Our goal is to create a bridge between rural and urban, north and south, so that everyone can live a more sustainable, enjoyable life. 

Thank you.

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