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Well, this morning I found myself with a few precious extra minutes before I had to leave for work, so I decided to forgo my usual blueberry yogurt in favor of a protein packed farm fresh scramble. I'm too lazy to make an actual omelet during the week, I admit!

I started with some chopped swiss chard, leftover grilled onions from my CSA Gourmet burger the other night, (which if I didn't have, I would have chopped up some fresh onion), grated Vermont cheddar cheese (thanks Cindy for that great trip to Shelburne Farms!), some diced fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes (seeded & drained), chopped chives and 2 beaten eggs with salt and fresh ground pepper. (If I say I used 3 eggs one might think me a gourmand, so I'll say 2).

I heated up a bit of olive oil in a small saute pan over medium high heat. If only I had whole butter in the house..., but I didn't. I added the swiss chard and chopped onion and cooked them briefly. Then I added the beaten eggs and stirred them with the flat side of a fork very briefly. While the eggs were still a bit wet & not set yet, I added the tomatoes, cheese and chives, gave it all another couple of quick turns with a heatproof rubber spatula (or wooden spoon). I turned the scramble out onto a plate and then actually sat down at the table to eat them!

Eggs are such a great medium for anything you have on hand - when in doubt, scramble 'em up!


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Comment by Cornelia on July 26, 2010 at 3:09pm
Thanks for posting, Elizabeth! Your link is mispelled, so it's a bit of a trick to click through. Here's the corrected link: http://www.csagourmet.blogspot.com/
Fantastic blog! It's a fun challenge to cook from your CSA every week. I'm enjoying it!


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