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I'm sure that everybody would love to have a garden of their own. The garden is a great place, where you can rest, plant things, get in touch with the earth and think things through without being bothered by the outside world. Everybody likes gardening at some point of their life. But have you ever thought what kind of garden you want to have? Maybe you didn't know this before, but there are many general types of gardens you can have. Some of them are quite simple to maintain, but some require serious skills and lots of patience in order to be pleasant to the eye and a good idea. If you're still determined to have a garden of your own, just keep reading this article, and you will find out everything you need.

Vegetable gardens. The vegetable gardens are the most common ones, and there is a reason for it. Almost every time someone hears the word garden, they think about a vegetable one, but this definitely doesn't mean it's the only type of gardens in the world. Growing your own vegetable garden can be really satisfying and fulfilling. This is the only way to know what exactly are you eating. The only pesticides in your vegetables will be the ones you put there. It's proven, that people who grow their own vegetables live a lot longer than the ones, who rely only on store bought ones. Also, people who own vegetable gardens spend a lot less money on food than the others. These arguments should speak for themselves.

Flower gardens. This type of gardens is also very popular among the garden lovers. There's nothing more beautiful than a garden full of flowers in the spring or summer. Many people, who live a fast and full of work life, would like to take care of a garden like this in their free time. It's proven that watching the flowers grow can even calm the insane. As you know, every flower has its own personality, it grows and blossoms in its own time of the year. This means, that if you choose to grow a flower garden, you will have something to do all year long, and you will be able to observe all the stages of life from a very close point of view. They say it's like watching your children grow. I'm sure it's life changing.

Organic gardens. The organic gardens are quite new as a name, and they take the idea of gardening to a whole new level, which is closer to the nature and the natural way of things. To have an organic garden means that you can't put any kinds of pesticides in your plants. It's the cleanest way to grow a garden, but it's also quite difficult, because there are many pests, which want to harm your crops. The people who take care of organic gardens prefer to use more natural ways to deal with the pests, who feed from their plants, as well as green waste removal methods, which don't have a negative impact on the environment. Nowadays you can find lots of neat tricks to keep the unpleasant pests away without harming your garden, and the garden waste can be used to create some organic compost, which will help you make your plants stronger and healthier.

Herb gardens. The herb gardens are also something very old, which was forgotten through the years, but nowadays it's gaining lots of popularity all over again. Practically, lots of the shrubs, plants and perennials we grow in our gardens are considered to be herbs in the true sense of the word. But in this case, growing a herb garden means to grow spices and herbs used for cooking meals or to make tea for different health problems. Still, it's a very useful garden, and the people who like to cure themselves with herbs, rather than to drink antibiotics, live a lot longer and happier.

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