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Fun and Easy-To-Clean: Fuller Brush Fiesta Red Spin Mop

Mopping is a tough and dirty job. Whether it’s the stained grout, the water spots on the tiles, the scent of coffee in your mop, or the endless amount of dirt, dust and dreck accumulating in the corners and by the doorways, keeping a clean floor requires effort, dedication, and time. Most importantly, though, it requires the right tools. 

In and of itself, mopping isn’t technical. You sweep, you mop. You let things dry and you’ve got a clean floor. But your ability to get every nook and cranny and beat an intolerable scent out of the floor usually has nothing to do with how well you work your wrists or wring your mop head – it’s all in the mop itself. Without the right mop, you can spend hours cleaning and, you’ll never get that satisfactory level of spotlessness that you’re looking for. 

In the world of mops and mop heads, your options are practically limitless. You’ll be looking for a very, very, very long time if you plan to explore every one of your options – and even longer if you want to take the odd mop out for a test drive. That’s where online reviews come in – and that’s where a great recommendation becomes incredibly handy. 

Today’s recommendation is the Fuller Fiesta Red Spin Mop, and here’s why: 

It’s a spin mop.

Spin mops differ from your usual mopping experience in that they spin. Okay, there’s a little bit more to it than that – designed with a circular head and a centrifugal bucket for water extraction, spin mops are more versatile, easily wrung, and cover a much larger surface than most regular mops. 

They don’t work with the same force as a flat mop, they’re not as delicate as a sponge mop, and they don’t come with the hi-tech of a steam mop – but for flat, hard surfaces and a stringent budget, a spin mop is usually what you want to go for. 

It’s compact and incredibly light.

These are important for one very good reason – the bathroom. In most houses, bathrooms are already quite small to begin with – and they’re even smaller in many budget apartments. Cleaning a bathroom floor with a bulky mop and bulkier bucket simply doesn’t work in that case. This model, however, comes with a much lighter, and smaller bucket, so you can mop, wring, and keep mopping even on the tiny space between your toilet and shower. With its suction cups, you won’t even have to worry about slipping and tipping over the bucket while you wring.

The mop head is washable. 

Finally, this mop head is washable. That’s great news for anyone who wants to cut another monthly cost – no disposable mop heads necessary. It’s better for the environment, better for your pockets, and keeps your house and floors just as clean. According to Encyclopedia.com, disposable heads have been common since the 90s, but this new eco-friendly trend is providing an alternative. 

And that’s it! At a solid price of $44.99, it’s definitely a mop to choose. Given its quality microfiber – which removes up to 99 percent of bacteria, according to Hearts.com – its design, and its ease-of-use, it makes for a good, cheap investment for your home. 

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