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Gardener? Or Urban Farmer? Which are you?

  1. You find dried bean seeds in your pockets in December.
  2. There is hay in the car.
  3. You turn to binder twine and five gallon buckets rather than organic hemp twine and a trug.
  4. You talk compost with strangers.
  5. You indulge in “one more season” hose repair.
  6. You spend more time thinking about fencing than the White Flower Farm flower catalog.
  7. You realize, half way through a professional meeting, that you have dirt somewhere. Fingernails? Hand cracks? Knees?  No, not all three!
  8. You worry more about the crop of leeks and not one plant.
  9. Your crops come in pounds.
  10. You realize that it is, really, all about the soil, not the new, cool varieties in the front of the seed catalogs.

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Comment by Kirsten Madaus on August 26, 2013 at 9:37am

6 out of 10 (7 if I can count 5 gallon buckets *and* a trug), though I would call myself a gardener--except I find myself telling everyone (including complete strangers) that it really, truly, is all about the soil.  You're so right!

Comment by Jennifer on September 2, 2013 at 10:34am

Charlyn, I reposted a slightly condensed version on HOMEGROWN's Facebook page, and you got a few more appreciative comments over there:

  • Hope Farms And, in that meeting, you hide your fingernails because just that morning you were in the greenhouse transplanting seedlings!
  • Kerrie McKenzie Flying overseas Emirates give you a warm wash cloth...I think mine was the only one that was given back with dirt on it
  • NancyBloklandPottery hay in my car, compost all year round, dirt in my fingernails, proud urban farmer
  • Growing Home You love urban homesteading/ farming so much, you start a business about it... because then you have the perfect excuse to be doing it all the time and investing money in your 'backyard'!!
  • Willamette Valley Homesteader Love this. So true!
  • Lem Le Nid ...And this time of year, your kitchen is filled with bushels of apples, buckets of squash, baskets of beets, bowls of berries, bundles of beans, colanders of cukes... and the canning never seems to end


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