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Well, we got the bad news this week- they've again tightened credit standards for mortgage loans, so no new farm for us for the time being. Hell with it, the longer we save, the faster we can pay it off and be totally debt free! While it's disappointing, my faith tells me that everything happens for a reason and in it's proper time. Perhaps that particular farm we first wanted is not where we are meant to be!

That all said, I'm preparing my seed orders for this year! I've decided to forego most of the annual flowers I usually get and put food producing plants in their place throughout the landscaping infront of the house. I'm tearing out some overgrown burning bushes along the shed to make room for more cukes, and I just might have the hubby enlarge my herb garden, too. If I am going to be stuck here yet another summer, I am going to expand!

Here's what I have so far:

Greasy Grits Beans (Dad)
Cornfield Beans (Dad)
Mexican Sour Gherkins
Boston Pickling Cukes
European Mesclun Salad Mix

I am halfway through the Baker Creek catalog so far. I have such a hard time deciding! I also have to go through the Richter's catalog and decide what makes the cut ;) I got my seed starting materials last night, too! I am going to be super busy this spring between helping my dad with his planting, helping my mother-in-law dig the gardens at her new home, and getting our own ready.

I am very excited at the fact that I have three old friends from high school that are interested in starting their own gardens (woot facebook!), and three others that I have reconnected with that I didn't even know were gardeners! I am hoping to attend a garden swap with one of them this spring. I am very encouraged in my endeavor to bring the joys of nature and growing your own food to people!

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Comment by Kathy Ann Schartiger on January 13, 2011 at 10:05am
I'm into growing sprouts in my kitchen, but the organic,  affortable, seeds are so hard to find. Can you help me with a online ordering site or a catalog to order from. Tks!! Kathy
Comment by Shellie A. Gades on January 20, 2011 at 1:35pm
@ Kathy Ann - I have ordered sprouts from Mountain Valley Seed Inc. (www.mvseeds.com) Lots of variety and they're tasty.


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