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They were born the 17th of Jan., Just before the coldest part of our winter so far. We had -30 below wind chills for a couple nights in a row. But I managed to keep the chill out of the 1 room barn by keeping the 4 lights on  and having a heat lamp on in the pen with the mom & babies. I also have a seat shirt trick I do with all my  winter babies. I am uploading pictures of them now. Aren't they little cuties?

I was having a big problem with the buck just about the time they were born and I needed to do some quick figuring on how to put him and the horse in the barn also. He (Bob the buck) was catching Hershey (the horse) legs in between his horns and keeping her away form the food. I managed to catch him and put a chain around his horns and tie him into the second pen In there. Problem solved as long as I left the pen door ajar he didn't freak out.  Mom and babies have their own pen.

I found a way to put his chain that didn't end up with the clip & rope hanging in his eyes. I used a double clip between his horns the center of the chain hooks in front between the horns and the end of one side in the back to the other clip. There is an extra length of chain so I can hook the chain tight to the back clip and still have enough chain to hook the clip on the rope to the end of the chain without getting my fingers to close to his horns when I want to let him loose or tie him back up. If that doesn't make sense to you I will try to get pictures to upload. It works really good this way.

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Comment by Jennifer on January 28, 2013 at 11:21am

Just in case anyone is having trouble finding them, here are photos of Sue's goats in their adorable sweaters.


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