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Yesterday I made Feta cheese for the first time! Why am I putting it in a gardening blog? Tomatoes! I'm learning now so I can make some in TOMATO SEASON! Goats=cheese + tomatoes= YUM!

I already learned Mozzarella last year and wanted to learn how to make Feta too as I like both these cheeses with tomatoes in the summer. I make a traditional Italian Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil with a balsalmic vingerette. The other salad I call a 'Greek' Caprese because I use crumbled feta cheese instead of mozzarella, and the rest of the ingredients the same. I like the saltiness of the feta with the tomatoes.

In my next post I will show you:  How to Make Goat Feta Cheese

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