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Goodbye 2014 Strategic Winter Squash Reserve

What's Happening Around the House and Yard

The 2014 SWSR lasted until May 2nd 2015 when I grilled the last butternut squash.

Every year I am in awe of the ability of farm share produce to exceed my storage expectations.

I've still got jars in the pantry and bags of fruit and veggies in the freezer--but simply hanging out in a cool dry place was just fine for the winter squash from my CSA farm share and I am grateful.

I used the grilled butternut in 2 ways--in a sausage and burrata pasta dish that will be on the blog in the fall, and tossed with locally-produced Housemade Sriracha sauce and grilled portobello mushrooms atop a pizza.  

The dogs were very excited about the smells, and I managed to catch a simultaneous double dog lick photo with Simon and Vincent.

We recently got a grown up grill so I have been testing different ways to grill our Friday Night Pizza.

I want to keep the kitchen [honestly, my bedroom is all I care about] cool this summer.

Once I get the technique nailed I'll write up a blog post about it, but as the photo shows I am ridiculously proud of my early efforts. Stupidly, embarrassingly proud.  I'll send this photo to my mom.

I harvested violets and made wild violet sugar. 

In the past I've made Wild Violet Muffins and Wild Violet Granola, but I think I'll try something else this year just to keep it fresh. A cookie, I think.

This Week On The Blog

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with this vegetarian Turnip Enchilada recipe. (Recipe here).

I've made this with a kohlrabi, turnip and potato filling as well.

I shared a hearty salad using leftovers from a grilling session--Grilled Steak and Vegetable Wild Rice Salad.

I can't wait for the farm share to resume so I can play more with this new grill!

For Mother's Day I've shared a food gift idea for new moms, caregivers, or folks recovering from surgery--Make and Take Smoothies. (Recipe link here)

It's easy to make extras of your favorite smoothies and deliver an assortment of healthy easy drinks to someone who could use a boost.

Until next week!


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Comment by Emily Eagan on May 11, 2015 at 9:21am

Kirsten, what a beautiful post! Do you mind if I share it on HOMEGROWN's Facebook and Twitter? Please continue to post here, we love your blog & recipes!

Comment by Kirsten Madaus on May 11, 2015 at 10:18am


I'd be delighted if you share this post!
On my blog I want to DO ALL  THE THINGS (reorganize the back end, share to social media and food porn sites, continue creating recipes using the farm share, improve my photos, the list is endless), but am having trouble finding time for everything I want to do online.

While weeding the patio I was pondering how to be more present here and decided that instead of scheduling each post, I'd try a weekly write up of what's on my mind and on the blog.

Kind of old school weblog, and something I don't do on my blog. I enjoyed writing up this post and envision more to come.



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