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Gotta check the Reisling for clairity tonight/! LOL!!

Busy two days. Started building a new container garden this week using 5 gallon buckets and self watering using a float/resivoir. Will use this for the 8 Brandywine Black organic tomato plants that were given to me this weekend. While doing that, got the smoker cleaned up ready for a brisket this weekend, updated my substitute cream soup/sauce mixes, a chicken-less chicken flavor bouillion/powder, made some bread machine mixes for a friend. Hate buying commercial items when I can make them at home.

Tried my hand today at making a German Baurenbrot - Farmhouse bread. This is at the beginning rest period of 6 hours. Very heavy bread mixture that I mixed, kneaded by hand. Next is to add the remaining rye and all purpose flour,bake in an oven until brown and thumps! We'll see how this turns out tonight when I serve it with a curry rubbed roasted free range chicken, baked beans, potato dumplings, and a sample of the Apple Reisling wine. I keep telling myself this is only to check for clairity!!  LOL!  Prost!

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Comment by Emily Eagan on May 7, 2015 at 12:17pm

Sounds like you had a fantastic meal! How did the bread turn out?

Comment by John F. Houpt II, PhD on May 7, 2015 at 1:40pm
Not bad. Didn't rise properly, a tad dry, crispy/soft texture, tasted pretty good. After reviewing the steps, realized I forgot the salt in the bread dough, and missed a 1/2 hr rest/rise. Doing it again tomorrow. Might make the loaves into brotchen making small rolls vs two large rolls at the final rest/rise.


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