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Greenhouse 2 and request for your help

Greenhouse 2 is well on its way to relocation here at Grow And Share in Zebulon, NC USA.

This past weekend, volunteers Riley E., Mitch A., Craig A., AJ B., and Frank and Kay Whatley took down all of the electrical systems. Heater, fans, and other components have been taken down and readied for the move.

This upcoming Saturday, December 12th, a group of volunteers and the local Crop Mob will be taking down the greenhouse structure and plastic and loading it into trucks. We hope to move all the components to our site by the end of the weekend.

By the following week, re-construction at the new greenhouse site will be underway. The plan is to have the greenhouse re-built and electrical systems re-connected by the end of the year.

We could use a few more volunteers and some support. Please email Grow And Share if you can help us with:

- taking down the greenhouse this Saturday

- access to a large truck for moving the pipes and other pieces

- ASAP this week access to a bob cat to finish smoothing the greenhouse's new site, or donations to help us cover rental costs ($350 for a single day).

- assistance over the next two weeks with re-assembly

- donation of cinder blocks, boards, or heavy wire mesh to construct tables inside the greenhouse

- miscellaneous other help

We thank our generous benefactor for his donation of this wonderful, all-inclusive greenhouse. In January 2010 as the greenhouse is brought online, we will be dedicating it to this kind gentleman and his family. More details on the dedication will be posted at that time.

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Comment by Mitch Amiano on December 13, 2009 at 12:06pm
Frank, Kay,

As always, it was fun even if it was cold and overcast. Reminded me of when I used to do tear-down with my dad's commercial renovation business in NJ. It was many years ago, but that Estwing prybar still came in handy!

It was good to see the young Crop Mob out giving several helping hands. I do hope Steve is successful in raising awareness and growing the mob.

Sorry I couldn't have stayed longer. I'm sure the camaraderie at GrowAndShare with the group of folks you had out would have been preferable to the office party I was obligated to attend. Can I ask how the move progressed after I left?
Comment by thewhatleys on December 13, 2009 at 12:13pm
Hi Mitch:

THANK YOU for coming out and helping us! Without you, we would NOT have been able to tear all the skeleton down. I'll try to send you a photo. You'll be happy to see that only the front "face" of the greenhouse is still standing. All the internal posts and rear are lying on the ground and mostly taken apart into smaller pieces. If you had not been "Tenacious M" and taken care of that framing, we would not have succeeded!

Thank you very much for all of your help these past few weeks, and especially yesterday which made such a difference in our success...and before 4:30!!


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