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Went to the school greenhouse this morning. Picked up thyme, oregeno, and parsley. Got some tomatos I have forgotten the name of (I know which two they WEREN'T, which leaves Jet Star and the one I can't remember as the possibilities), and two mystery tomatos that volunteer grew in the recycled dirt the geraniums I chose were planted in. Grabbed some pretty hostas, marigolds,  and coxcombs, too.

You may remember that I told you Mr. Fancher tends to give good deals. That's 2 of thyme, 2 of oregeno, 2 of parsley, 4 of tomato, 2 of geranium, six of hosta, six of coxcomb, and six of marigolds - for $12. Mom bought about $22 worth of stuff and paid $14.

I did not get any peppers. I am still in hopes that mine will grow. I did get the maters, though, because mine resemble microgreens a lot more than they resemble tomatos. Gonna wait a bit to plant them, however, because we are do for "damaging winds, large hail, and tornados" starting this evening.

Sadly, it doesn't appear that much of my garden will feature in  https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/jmf  this year. The challenge begins on Monday, and I've nothing up enough to count as anything but a microgreen. Last year I had quite a bit up - but last year I didn't have the snow setbacks, either. Anyhow, donations are much appreciated despite the lack of garden goodies!

It doesn't look like the pot geraniums went to seed, so I'll plant the geranium/tomato combos in those pots, and the marigolds will go in the marigold pot and a few random spots in the garden. Wait, no. I'll do the g/t combo in the pots out by the garden waiting for tomatos - the flowers will just pretty it up all the more - and... the marigolds can go in the hanging baskets in the trees (no, the basil is making no appearance. Might just need a flower friend), and the coxcomb in the planters (coughburiedtoiletswhatwasthemanthinkingcough) beside the front porch.

Knowing me, I'll go back in a couple weeks anyhow to pick up more flowers, and the peppers if mine don't grow, and probably a few more stray maters. Those flowers can go in random spots in the garden (like between the cages).

In the meantime, I have a library to order now that the bookcases are more or less in place, and several pallet projects to bring home pallets for. One at a time, most likely, walked down the street. It is times like this I miss having a little truck.

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Comment by Jennifer on April 28, 2014 at 10:08am

Sounds like you got a seriously good deal. I planted some jet stars last year and had good luck with them. Actually, I planted marigolds all around them, and they did really nicely together.

Comment by Jana Franzen on April 28, 2014 at 11:57am

Yeah. The deals get better the closer to the end of the year it gets. He's been known to give away entire flats of tomatos or peppers just to make sure people who want to grow them have them - and so he doesn't have to throw them in the dumpster on the last day of school. Mom works at the school. Last year she brought home a couple flats worth of stuff she rescued from the dumpster, flowers and herbs and tomatos.


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