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Today in South Arkansas the weather was absolutely beautiful. The wife and I decided to go out and do a little spring time work with the great spring time weather we had today. The

project we decided to work on was to break ground on the new herb garden. The garden is located in the back corner of our backyard. The best part about this project is all of the supplies we used were free. The rocks lining the different sections were found and hauled in from my brothers hunting lease. I love me some free stuff. Also, the posts and the lumber used to make the entrance were also salvaged from a barn that was torn down at my grandfathers house. We still need to make about two more loads for rocks to finish sectioning off the eight areas where we plan to plant the different herbs. We also have to find a source for some pea gravel to fill in the walkways. We are also planning to build some trellises along the back where the chain link fence is and plant grapes. We are super excited about the progress we made toady. Cant wait to have it full of beautiful herb plants. More pictures will follow as we make more progress and start putting in plants in the spring. The next project we will be working on will be the first of three greenhouses. We hope to have enough salvaged lumber from my Grandpa's barn so the first house will be mostly free as well. I almost forgot, we also finished putting together our brooder house. Cant wait to add chicks in the spring. I will add a post about the brooder house later because we still have to add a little run so the chicks can get some sunshine. Anyway, that is all for now.

Happy Homesteading!!!!


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