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Happy Harvest Time, Fresh Eggs, a successful CSA

Hello all, been a crazy summer for me.  My "part-time" job became almost full time as we lost people over the summer, but that is food service!!  Anyway its harvest time and I have a few things to report.

I did my first CSA this year.  I was VERY happy with it.  I purchased a half share.  This week Saturday is my last pick-up we started a week late because of our late spring and have gone ito October.  The half share was perfect for two people.  We lost very little.  In the beginning I was surprised at how quickly the vegetables would go past their prime.

However once used to the time frame it all became so easy!  We made kale chips and big pots of soup, and I learned to like eggplant!  We gave a few things away (beets, some tomatoes) since we knew we would not get through them fast enough.  We made a nice batch of salsa with little yellow cherry tomatoes that is simply amazing!.  In either case I am jazzed up for doing next years CSA.

Fresh eggs.  Our CSA offers both chicken and eggs in addition to our share every week.  I have also mentioned in the past that I see lots of places springing up selling eggs.  My absolute favorite is a little place I pass on the way to work.  Their eggs are huge, they just about fit in the containers and the yolks are nearly fluorescent yellow.  So bright.  They are happy chickens.  $3 a dozen is fine for the size you get.

Fall Fermenting.  This week I put up two jars of kimchi.  Its day three and they taste F%^$#ing amazing not just amazing.  Followed the recipe here using only 1.5 TBSP of the chili powder.  Probably a TBSP of ginger and 5 or 6 cloves garlic!


Just put up a crock of about 16 lbs. of sauerkraut.  It is happily bubbling away in its crock!

Picked local apples, made 4 quarts of apple sauce mmmmmmmm

Fall is upon us few more weeks left.  Looking forward to fresh pumpkin pies, pumpkin rolls and other delights!

Still looking for Ground Cherry Seeds if anyone wants to share!!

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