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Looking back on 2010, I did a pretty good job of tackling my resolutions and making positive changes.  I biked to work a few times, ate more locally, took my vitamins (for the most part), used my saved up skymiles to go somewhere fun, refashioned clothes & learned to knit!  I didn't run 450 miles but I did run a little over 300 of them.

The year in general was a mixed bag though, and I found myself feeling a bit cranky and scatter-brained for some of it.  So here's hoping that 2011 will bring peace of mind, new adventures and a stronger commitment to flossing (what? I just went to the dentist).

Any resolutions on your plate?  I usually re-use resolutions from year to year, since they are most often things I'm working on in the long-term.  Big, bold plans for 2011? Things you are grateful for from 2010? Funny joke you just heard? Whatever it is, tell me about it.  And if you'd like, start out the new year with the 28-Day Challenge & follow along over here!


(Cross-posted at http://unspeakablevisions.blogspot.com/2011/01/happy-new-year.html.)

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