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It’s kind of funny how some things just sort of fall together by coincidence.

I have had cinnamon rolls on the back burner in my brain for a while, but what with family matters and vacation plans, cooking and baking got tabled a bit, cause I was cleaning out the fridge and freezer (Oh joy of annual deep-freeze ice scraping!).  While I was down south, I happened to stay in a hotel that was literally right next door to Trader Joes, and while I was there, I happened to get hooked on TJ’s coconut chips.

Well, I got home from vacation and still haven’t gone grocery shopping (I’m pleading jet lag).  I was thinking about what to do up next for a recipe.   As I was rummaging in my pantry for inspiration, I found my coconut oil and seized on it, thinking about the coconut chips that I fell in love with.  

On my table, in the pile of to-dos, there was a scribbled recipe for plain ol’ cinnamon rolls.  In my poor, empty fridge, next to the expired milk, was non-expired cream I had for guests for coffee, and a forgotten box of organic salted butter sticks that have gone ignored for a while, cause, hey, dairy allergies.  As I was making the sugar mix, I opted for my palm sugar instead of brown.  And when I opened up the cinnamon, suddenly I didn’t want that spice anywhere near my sweet, rich, coconutty goodness.  So I reached for the vanilla instead, and these lovely buns were born.

As I was in the middle of my mad kitchen scientist routine while making the icing, I was jokingly referring this little experiment as Death by Coconut. When I had the first bite of surprisingly sweet, buttery, flaky, and shockingly not overwhelmingly coconut-flavoured bun, I realized I had it all wrong.

My four year old son is cheesed off at me for using butter and cream, and now I have to convert the recipe to dairy free for him.  Fortunately for my waistline, I had no trouble whatsoever giving these babies away.

Recipe at http://www.foodretro.com/?p=9031

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Comment by Jennifer on July 29, 2013 at 2:24pm

Oh. My. Next to avocado, coconut is my very favorite edible thing in life. And coconut buns? GENIUS.

Comment by Anne Radcliffe on July 29, 2013 at 3:20pm

I love coconut too.  Alas, I will never be able to go full-on 100 mile diet... I love coconut in all its various incarnations far too much. ;)  In fact, I think I hear my coconut chips calling my name right now...


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