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HOMEGROWN Cookoff 2011: Compound Butter

As the summer winds down (nooooooooo!), my herb garden is overflowing and in need of some trimming. I can't bear to compost all of the lovely flavor that's been growing, so here's my solution. I chose to combine thyme, rosemary and sage for a handy store of herb butter to smear on a whole chicken for roasting. Come January, February and March, won't it be nice to revisit summer with one of my favorite comfort meals?

Herb Compound Butter for Roast Chicken

You need:

1 large bunch each of fresh thyme, rosemary and sage

two sticks salted organic butter, softened by leaving out on the kitchen counter for a few hours in August

parchment or wax paper

Clean, dry and chop herbs.

Combine herbs and butter using a fork.

Spread compound butter onto parchment or wax paper and form into a log. Chill in refrigerator overnight.

Slice chilled compound butter into 1 T. chunks and freezer for winter!


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