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Homestead Spotlight: The Prairie Homestead

This is the first edition of a series I am calling “Homestead Spotlight.” In this series I plan to share with you the blogs I come across that I believe will benefit you as a homesteader. The bloggers we select to include in this series are hand selected by me. We do take submissions for your site to be included but that does not mean we will select you.

Today I want to welcome The Prairie Homestead as our weekly Spotlight. TPH is a blog run by Jill. This is a document of her journey into homesteading. Jill has a 67 acre homestead in the prairies of Wyoming. Visit The Prairie Homestead today to find out how Jill went from a compost pile to the idea of a modern homestead.

Jill and her family strive to produce their own food and currently have vegetable gardens, chickens, dairy goats, pigs, and a milk cow. Not only do they put meat in the freezer from their homestead, but they are also hunters. My family also hunts so I can definitely relate!!

The Prairie Homestead has tons of great learning material on everything from preserving carrots to a list of 30 different things you can do with eggshells. Jill also has information about essential oils, goats, and there are tons of recipes as well.  Check out Jill’s new book “The Essential Homestead” which is all about essential oils and is FREE when you subscribe to The Prairie Homestead. She also wrote another book titled “YourCustom Homestead” that shows you how to homestead even if you live in a small space like in the city.


This site is beautifully designed and is extremely easy to use. Go on over to The Prairie Homestead and visit Jill. I am sure she would be thrilled to have you.


Thanks for visiting Stinnett Family Farms.


And as always…..


Happy Homesteading!!!

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