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Homestead Spotlight: Your Gardening Friend

Welcome all you homesteaders!! This is Issue #2 in the “Homestead Spotlight Series.”

Today I want to welcome Your Gardening Friend as this weeks homestead spotlight. Your Gardening Friend is owned and operated by Holly. Holly is married and lives in Indiana. Holly is the proud mother of three canine children named Bunker, Cocoa, and Lilly. Visit Your Gardening Friend  today  to learn more about Holly.

As the name implies, Your Gardening Friend is a site all about Gardening. Holly claims to “help equip beginners with the necessary tools and know-how…”to start and maintain a garden.

Your Gardening Friend is full of great information on everything from the benefits of mulch to keeping away garden pests. Holly shares information about gardening for food as well as flower gardening. Be sure to sign up for one of Holly’s giveaways while you are visiting her site. 

Even though Your Gardening Friend is not entirely about homesteading, I wanted to share it with you because of all the great information on gardening.

Holly has a great site and I hope you all will visit her soon. Go on over to Your Gardening Friend and visit Holly. I know she would appreciate new people to teach her gardening secrets to.

Thanks for visiting Stinnett Family Farms.

And as always…..

Happy Homesteading!!!

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