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How did Those Chickens Get Drunk? Drunk Chicken Recipe!!!

Hello all you homesteaders!! I guess you are wondering what the heck is up with that title huh? Well, I wanted to share the "Drunk Chickens" I grilled this weekend. The weather was nasty and wet all weekend and now this morning it has started sleeting. Yuck!! This is what we created yesterday while we were stuck in the house and under the carport!! Oh except for while we were chasing the pigs that got out (that's a story for another time lol)

Sorry about the hunk missing out of the breast,

I had to have a test piece before I remembered

to take a picture!!

Here is how we do it here at the FARM!!

Step 1: Wash Your Chicken and season with your favorite blend of herbs and spices

Step 2: Take a beer and drink about 1/4 of it! LOL and cut off the top but be careful not to cut yourself!!!!!!

Step 3: The recipe we use is pretty much onions, bell peppers, bay leaves, salt, pepper, garlic, and any other spices or herbs you like just throw them all inside the can of beer.

Step 4: Place the beer up your chickens behind as you can see in the picture above and put it on the grill. We cook it until it gets a nice golden brown color. Don't cook it too fast or you will get the brown color and your chicken will be bloody and may be still clucking ha ha.

Step 5: ENJOY!!!

Don't Forget to Share your favorite photos and recipes from your homestead. We have several more recipes to come. Join us at The Great Recipe Mountain



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