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How to Find And Implement Eco-friendly Home Decor Elements

The sustainable living lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require a change in your way of thinking. Just as a meat eater who decides to adopt a vegetarian diet will have to alter their way of thinking, changing to a green lifestyle from one infused with waste will require some changes. If you are interested in making the alterations required to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, here are some tips for you to follow when it comes to decorating your home.

General tips for shopping sustainably

When you are out looking for new items for your home, make sure to look for pieces made with biodegradable materials. You may also wish to do some research on green building materials so you know which products you consider buying are eco-friendly and which are not. In general, it is best to look for furniture made with wood, natural rubber or wicker instead of plastic.

Examine everything with a critical eye

Analyze your home as if you were a designer hired to incorporate greener varieties of decor and furniture into your home. Begin in your living room with the pieces of furniture located closest to your home’s entrance.

Systematically, work your way through each room in your house examining items as you go. Jot down a list of materials of which the items are made of to see if you can find a greener alternative.

If you find yourself in possession of furniture that is not made from sustainable materials that you would like to get rid of, try recycling it, selling it or giving it to charity instead of sending it to a landfill. Some examples of sustainable furniture and decor items include:

  • Wicker baskets, shelves and book racks
  • Decorative items constructed of stone, wood, or recycled glass
  • Contact window shades or wooden blinds
  • Wood furniture featuring organic upholstery or paint

Don’t forget about the walls

Most wall paneling and wallpaper is often made of toxic materials and PVC. These materials are harmful to your health since you breathe in the toxicity. If you recognize these items in your home, consider replacing them with eco-friendly options. Eco-friendly wall covering options are made of non-toxic, organic materials featuring water or oil-based inks that are harmless.

Other changes you can make,/h3>

Another way to make your home more sustainable is exchanging your synthetic or PVC bedding and curtain material for breathable fabrics such as linen, wool or cotton. In your kitchen, use mortar and pestle instead of the electric mixer thus saving on energy costs.

Lifestyle changes

To live a sustainable lifestyle, it is important to change the way you look at every aspect of life. Begin to remodel or repaint furniture instead of purchasing new items. Moreover, consider new ways to use old jars, bottles, pillows, bed sheets or curtains. Make sure to involve your family in order to help every member understand the importance of the changes you are making.

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Comment by Jennifer on June 25, 2013 at 9:56am

A few years back, I went to a talk on green design. The speaker, an architect, passed around different samples of tile and glass and such. He pointed out that while the raw ingredients of one material—some glass sheeting fused with very pretty dried grasses, to be used either as a design element or as a sort of privacy window—was made from all natural materials, it would be impossible to disentangle the two materials and re-use them in the future. So, what would make a nice window for the next however many years would be very difficult to break down and recycle later on. That really made an impression on me—that even something made from all natural components could be wasteful in the long term—and will make me ask even more questions if I ever get around to buying things like tile. Just thought I'd pass that along since it has stuck with me!


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