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In our specialized fleet, we run in to a vast spectrum of emotions from the people we meet while hauling these Windmill Blades. We see everything from "The Bird" to the Thumb's Up. The opinions of these incredible machines varies from person to person. The biggest complaint we hear is that the Towers block up the natural beauty.  The second biggest complaint we hear is that the Towers kill birds, irritate the livestock, and make farmers dizzy while harvesting their crops. We hear that the Towers are loud when they are on line. Before I go any farther with this, let me address the issues I just mentioned. We are out here in these fields, around these Towers. We adore the view with the mountains and the Towers together. Man and Nature coming together to produce something good for all of us.  As for the birds, well, it's survival of the fittest. Inevitably, only the smartest birds will contribute to the gene pool. The Towers are only going to affect the stupid birds. We see livestock (cattle, horses, sheep, deer) laying at the bases all the time. Contentedly grazing or dozing in the sun. I, myself, think the only reason the farmers get dizzy around the Towers while harvesting is because they are watching the Blades spin as they cut their crops. That would make anyone dizzy.  Standing at the base of one of these 300 foot Towers, there is so little noise that you almost have to strain to hear it. Close your eyes and picture this in your mind..... An old lady on an old wooden front porch sweeping it off with an old straw broom. That is the only noise I have ever heard any Tower make.

Spending the night at a jobsite is usually a treat. Maybe I am strange.... I love to watch the red lights on top of the Towers as they blink like a million stars lighting up the fields. It's quiet and we love to sit out on the trailer and have a cup of coffee before the rest of the world wakes up.

We have run into towns (no names) that didn't want the Towers there. Didn't want to see the Towers at all. There have been issues of damage to keep the Towers from going up. I just don't see the problem. Honestly, I don't. The Towers themselves produce revenue for each town. The Construction crews provide revenue.... the Erection crew, the electricians, the Pilot Cars, the Truck drivers.... everyone involved will invariably spend money in that town and that's good for town growth. That's how I see it. But then, you also have Truck Stops, stores, fuel stops, motels, that have to try to cash in even more and raise the rates and make it nearly impossible to make a living out here.

But then we will have a job where everyone loves what we are doing and makes us all feel welcome. We have little kids in cars that crane their necks to see us as we go by... people who are standing on a street corner watching us making our turns with a look of joy and wonder... people who come up and shake our hands and ask questions.

We are playing a part in something awesome. A huge part of our Nation's renewable energy comes from the Towers. Nothing bad is produced from these Towers. I feel proud as I watch my Husband drive the huge Blades. It amazes me that he can steer this load through all the turns. It is awesome and I am so proud of him for what he does.   So folks, if you happen to see a Windmill Component going down the road, please be patient and give them the room they need to make their turns. They will be out of your way shortly.

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Comment by pelenaka on May 28, 2011 at 8:49am

change can be a scary thing for some. I always wonder when I read about dissension  in a community installing windmills the group who opposes aren't also known as energy conservationists.

It is amazing technology.

Comment by sparky on June 16, 2011 at 2:06pm
It was fun to find this on here!  I wanted to add a pic that I took off the top of one of the turbines in the Meadow Lake Wind Farm in Wolcott, IN.  I climbed them for thirteen weeks.  I am an electrician by trade.  This was one of the neatest jobs in my career.  I was so proud to be able to climb them on 12 hour shifts, six days a week, at the age of almost fifty.  I was the first woman to climb for this company, too.  :)  I live in the area, and can see three different wind farms in three directions.  Like you, I love the lights, and we actually enjoy the mills.  For some reason the site isn't loading the pics right now, but I will come back and post...
Comment by Christene Graham on June 22, 2011 at 12:38pm
Thanks Sparky! I will be waiting for those pics! We actually worked one of those sites there, just outside of Wolcott. Right now we are in Arlington Oregon waiting to unload our Blade. These towers are 5 piece towers and will top off at just over 300 feet in height.  The Blades that we haul are 167  feet long which makes us 185 feet from front bumper to tip of Blade... we have 35 feet of Blade hanging over our rear bumper. We love what we do and the responses we get from the general public is usually a positive thing, but, we do encounter folks that just don't like us. For reasons ranging from we hold up traffic to just the fact that they don't approve of our Wind Farms. Right now, I feel that we are celebraties of sorts as we are help our Country to find it's way to a better renewable energy source that doesn't hurt the Earth. Maybe a few birds, but, most of the complaints we hear are unfounded and biased. Thank You for stopping by and I will keep uploading pics of our crew and jobsite for those who do find pleasure in what we are doing. Be Blessed!


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