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Innovative DIY Ways to Give Attractive Look to Your Plants

Whether it is backyard garden which is sprawling with greenery or just a tiny part on your windowsill, the ideas given here will give an edge to the decorations. See one fact is quite simple – the way your plants are positioned indoors can provide an enhanced sense of interior designs or a complete disaster.

So, now that you know the reason behind which you need to give your plants a great, here is a list of 9 do-it-yourself ideas with which your indoor plants will have great look and make your room feel fresh. The list is as follows


Neon Dipped Plants

 The small decorative plants which you have in small pots look rather dull in the small brown pots, don’t they? Well, just dip the bottom of those plant pots in some neon colors and add a small stick which works like a flag which might contain quirky messages or cute names you might have given to your plants.


Lightbulb Vase

Got a bunch of shorted out lightbulbs which you have? You can use them as a vase for some flowers. Just remove the bottom part of the bulbs, pour a little water into the bulb and hang them. Then, just put some flowers in them and voila – instant vase.


Cement Block Planters

 If you have some cement blocks lying about your house, then those can act as pots for your plants. Seal either side of the block, pour some soil into the holes and plant two different kinds of plants in each of the holes. Remember to water them, though.


Living Monogram Wreath

This a great DIY project which you can give as a gift to someone on any occasion. Buy a hollowed out monogram and fill it with clay. Then, plant some plants on them and keep watering them. Watch the letter fill up beautiful plants and you have a living monogram in your room which also provides a sense of freshness to your surroundings. This is also a great plant gift to give someone.


Tire Swing Succulent Planter

 If you have an old tire swing at your backyard or an old tire just around, then you can repurpose it as a plant holder. You can hang the tire if it is lying around, or if it is already hung, then fill it with some wet soil. Then, fill it with some plants and watch them grow and fill the place it with fresh air.


Mason Jar Herb Garden

Remember all those jars you have lying around that you can’t repurpose? Well, now you have a purpose for them. If you are both a cook and a gardener, then this DIY is tailor made for you. Fill those jars with clay and plant the herbs which you will need for cooking. Then, when you need them, just pluck them out from your herb garden and use them.


Miniature Clay Pot

 This a DIY project for which you will need a little bit PremoSculpey polymer clay. Make it into a round shape, make a hole in them, and bake them a bit, so that they harden. Then, fill it with clay and voila, you have a miniature pot for your plants.


Flip Flop Scones

 Those flip flops you have lying around? Fix them to a wall for a plant pot holder, then, put a pot with a plant in them. So, now, you have plant holder for your plants and you can expand your space in your garden.


Rope Vase

 If you have plastic bottles lying around, then you can do this DIY. Get hold of some ropes, and cut it according to the length of your bottle. Use a bit of hot glue to fix the ropes around the bottle and paint them in any color or paint any shapes on them that you like. Now, you have a rope vase which will hold flower bouquet in them. Just remember to change its water at daily intervals.


So, these are a few DIY projects which will provide an attractive look to your plants and make them look quite cool. Enjoy the project and remember to go green.

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