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We've been EXTREMELY busy working on projects and planting! We've had a few minor set backs, but all in all, it's coming along.

The chickens will be 13 weeks old on Monday! Won't be long now til we have eggs! Unfortunately, the coop is yet to be completed, we need to get them outdoors ASAP! They are currently living in a make shift pen in the basement!

As for planting, we finally got about 1/2 the garden area tilled last weekend (it will be expanded next year from about 1/8 acre to 1/4 acre). We had a dry spell, as well as some unusual scorching heat, but finally received some soaking rains yesterday and today. I've got about 120 more plants to get in as well as several packets of seeds yet. As long as I can get them in by Memorial Day, we should be good! I also put in a small herb garden near the back door for easy access.

I'm also working on the front landscaping. I painted the deck white, and bought some landscaping timbers which I also painted white. I've got seeds and bulbs such as sunflowers, hollyhocks, gladiolus, lillies, and many others to go in. I'm not extremely versed in flowers, so we will see how it looks. Since I'm planting late this season, I probably won't see blooms til next year on some of them.

We plan on buying a case of canning jars every pay check from here on out til harvest. Between canning, dehydrating and freezing, we should be well set for the winter so long as mother nature cooperates We're hoping this summer won't be a repeat of last year's drought.

As far as set backs: The riding lawnmower we were given by family quit after 2 weeks. He tried to fix it to no avail, so we had to buy a push mower for the time being. It takes a lot more effort, and it's been tough going on the mowing! We had to put off buying the mower due to an unexpected tire blow out and so... because of the weeds and tall grass out back, we've also been experiencing some mild dog tick issues, too. Because of the unexpected purchases, we had to put off buying some of the materials we need for the coop and for the barn rehab,

Both grapevines we purchased perished for some unknown reason (although thankfully the established vine that was already here has several clusters on it already!)

The pump head on the tap out back is inoperable, so we're having to carry gallon jugs full of water from the house to the garden area right now. It's about a 50 yard walk from the house to the back fence. 

And I think that's that for now LOL It's a rainy day today, so while I had a lull in the action, I thought I'd post a quick update about what's been going on! I hope to make some videos soon... Hope all is well with everyone else. Til Next time...


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Comment by Jennifer on May 28, 2013 at 9:32am

Carrie: Thanks so much for the update. Good to hear from you! Sounds like you guys are rolling with the punches and getting a lot of good work done, too. Do you know what variety of grapevine was already growing on the property or will that be a surprise? And I love the idea of buying one case of canning jars per paycheck—almost like tithing for winter. Can't wait to hear what you put in them in.

Comment by Carrie Seal-Stahl on May 28, 2013 at 10:51pm

No idea what type of grapevine it is. This land/house was a foreclosure, so we didn't get the opportunity to ask the previous owners. We should be getting some surprise apples in the fall, too...

I'm hoping to put pickles and homemade soups and sauces in them :)

Comment by Jennifer on May 29, 2013 at 9:47am

Looking forward to those soup and sauce recipes!


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