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 Springtime in the Rockies is.... unpredictable, to put it simply. One day it's warm (ish) with blue skies infused with hopeful thoughts of gardening and the next day you wake to foot of snow on the ground. But it is precisely this unpredictability and wonder that I love so much!


I'm also always impressed by the timing of things in life and specifically, the ranch life. Yesterday was a "Hay Day'. Literally. Fingers crossed this was our last load for the season as we hope to have the horses out on pasture full-time by late June. The way the timing worked out we chose to have our 'hay day' on a beautiful, non-snowy, NON-WINDY, day! And the non-windy point is sort of a...point! During our last delivery of hay 2 months ago it was WINDY! I mean, blow your cheeks back, gravel whipping your face, kind of windy. And I was on top of 170 bales of hay bucking it down to the crew and I felt like a feather in the wind, ready to blow off with the next gust. And for those of you who know me, you know I'm not built like a feather! So, yesterday was a particularly wonderful 'hay day'.

Hay Day's are a group effort here at Spirit Horse. The troops all rally to lend a hand (or paw!).


These are  my friends, Olivia and Wiley. Their 'job', look cute! Not hard for them to do!


This is my friend, Unka. His 'job', keep an eye out. For?... Hey (hay!), it's a job!


This is my buddy, Bernie. His 'job', look busy. He is really good at that!


This is Dave. His 'job'?


Get the mother lode of hay....


....through this tiny little space called a gate!


No problem! It was a GREAT 'hay day'....


And back to that whole timing thing. Well, today I DID wake to snow on the ground. Beautiful, lush, WET, moisture-giving SNOW!



Today, some of us are wet...


...and some of us are dry!


And no matter what the weather is here in Colorado and specifically here at Spirit Horse, I feel blessed to be surrounded by such good friends doing the ranch life together. Love those "Hay Day's"!


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Comment by Aliza Ess on May 2, 2011 at 11:55am

Beautiful post! I love how something as ubiquitious and non-useful to humans as grass can be transformed into food and bedding for animals so we can have meat! We were using commercial feed for the bunnies but once we started giving them timothy hay the bunnies eat about 1/3 the pellets they used to. Yay! Now that the grass is getting high in the garden I'm starting to wonder if I could make hay from it myself... any tips on how to do that?


Comment by Kristie Nackord on May 2, 2011 at 12:55pm

The high altitude hay we have available here in the Valley is so amazing for the horses! So grateful I live in such an abundant area where hay for the horses (and cattle) is inexpensive and prolific!


To make your own hay, do as the farmers do. Cut it and let it dry! Probably a good method for you, depending upon where you live, is to cut it and put it in a brown paper bag to let it dry. Keeps it organized and the bag allows for easy breathing and drying so things won't mold. Hopefully. If you live in a humid area, lay the grass out to dry in a shaded area.




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