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Hi all:

We love eating fresh jicama, and ordered some seeds online. For about $4 we got 10 seeds, so it was a major splurge and I want them to grow and produce.

Now, I was surprised when the seeds arrived that they were marked "poisonous, use gloves". I planted them carefully and now am doing research.

What I've found so far explains that the leaves, seed pods, and seeds contain a natural insecticide that is good for the plant but poisonous to people -- and I'm guessing animals too. I have more reading and searching I need to do to ensure I'm clear on this before I pick the spot in the yard or greenhouse where I feel these will be safe to grow.

I would really like some advice from those of you who have grown jicama on:

- how to constrain it (maybe using a trellis and curling it about),

- how to avoid issues with pods dropped in the soil (they can't be composted, so I assume they should be gathered and put in the trash),

- and how to get the best roots. I'm also wondering if parts of the plant can be put back into the ground -- like with grapevines -- to "entice" more tubers to grow for eating.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,


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