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John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, was born on September 26, 1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts (not far from where I live today!).  Appleseed's story is the stuff of folk legend - a pioneer who introduced apple trees to areas in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois by spreading seeds along his journey. 


Photo courtesy of Harper's New Monthly Magazine Volume 0043 Issue 258 (November 1871)


While some of the details of Appleseed's life have become fuzzy with age, he worked tirelessly  to plant and tend his apple nurseries and to foster conservation of the land, while living simply and altruistically, giving all living things consideration and compassion (he was rumored to be a vegetarian!). Check out an 1871 article in Harper, "Johnny Appleseed: A Pioneer Hero", for more on his life's work.


So, in honor of a fellow New England tree-hugger, I am celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday with a big glass of cold, hand-pressed cider from my local orchard, and frying up some apples the way that my grandmother has done her whole life.


Fried Apples

  • Skin, core, and cut apples into medium-thick slices
  • Heat butter in a skillet
  • When hot, fry apples in butter, letting them brown evenly on each side until slices are tender
  • Coat apple slices with sugar (white, granulated) and a good handful of Red Hot candies

             (The Red Hots add a nice pink color to the apples after melting, and a spicy cinnamon kick!)



What are your tried and true fall apple recipes? Share your pies, crisps, and ciders with us and celebrate the fruit of fall!

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