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Kirsten dreams of beet greens, fat carrots and sweet black raspberries**

My eyes lit up when I spied the beet greens descending into my crate at farm share pick up this week. The greens were attached to beets [which I tolerate] and as soon as I got home & took a photo I quickly cut them off and stored them separately. Greens last longer when their roots are not sucking the life out of them. [There is a parallel about women and their children, I am sure. Happy Father's day.]

Do you see the carrots in this share? So fat! I find the carrots are a great barometer for the quality of the soil at our current CSA. When we first moved to Ohio and started with Patchwork Gardens the carrots were sweet--but tiny and gnarly. Then they grew fat but short--and still sweet. The past couple years the carrots are long, fat, and super sweet. Our farmers are doing a wonderful job amending their soil and it shows in these carrots.

With so many edible greens in the share I feel bad saying I've composted those lovely carrot tops, but there it is. I know I could make carrot top pesto--this recipe looks like a good one--but I generally get carrot tops along with plenty of other greens. If I'm not eating with intention, it's hard to get them processed in a timely manner. My compost does benefit, as does our garden. 

In the garden this week, the black raspberries are in full swing [keep scrolling for a salad], I'm harvesting peas a handful at a time, and the strawberries are winding down. With all the rain we've just had I expect an explosion of weeds. I'm glad my kids are off school to help, as many hands make light work. Last week I helped a gaggle of eager young gardeners at our town's historical society gardening program and the beds were weeded and thinned in no time.

On the blog I talk about planning out our salads, eating with intention, and then share a last-minute salad I threw together after my daughter walked up with a haul of black raspberries from the garden. It turned out so well I made it again, took pictures, and shared it here.

I'm also sharing one of our standard ways to eat from the farm share, especially during greens time--stir fries. I've got a concept recipe for a colorful chicken & chard stir fry with radishes, carrots, and Spring onions. You can check it out here.

I had some fun making a red, white & blue vegetable appetizer for our July 4th celebrations last year. The recipe is here. While beets aren't my favorite root veggies, they play nicely with goat cheese and these festive rounds went over well with the family. Everything goes over well with Robert Barker. Even kohlrabi leaves ready to go on the grill (darn hound). Have a lovely week, and to the dads out there, happy Father's day!

**The title refers to my current ear worm, the music from the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It's lovely, haunting music and great for curling up and reading on a rainy day, or sitting to write out a weekly recap of what's been up on the blog and in the garden.

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