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Today is September 1st. It marks my transition into Fall (even though I have 20 days left of summer). I have packed up (most of) my sundresses, sandals, and popsicles in favor of fall tweeds, boots, and pies!

Yesterday, HOMEGROWNer Kristen, posted a blog about her decision to enter the NOFA-NY Locavore Challenge - http://www.nofany.org/events/ny-locavore-challenge. I was inspired by her excitement and passion to embrace this challenge, and have decided to give it a go, as well. I live in Massachusetts, but I figured I'd join the fun from a few states away!

Kristen's post gives more details about the challenge (http://www.homegrown.org/profiles/blogs/locavore-month-posted-from-...), which, according to NOFA-NY

"is a month-long campaign aimed at engaging consumers across the state in eating local organic foods. The goal for this campaign is to educate consumers about how to make healthy and ethical food choices, cook with in-season, local organic foods, while supporting local sustainable farms and food businesses...This year’s program is versatile, fun and FREE! Participants have the option of signing up for either a Bite-Sized, a Meal-Sized or a Feast-Sized challenge, and within these challenge scopes choose from a variety of different mini-challenges or events to participate in."

Tonight is my first Locavore meal of the challenge. I have already planned to explore my new Boston neighborhood by participating in the "First Thursday" event with my roommates - exploring the local businesses, restaurants, and watering holes that open their doors for locals to enjoy their food/products/art, adding in a quick stop at the Thursday night Farmers' Market in the center of the neighborhood to pick up some local goods from our nearby farmers. One night down, a lifetime of locavore living to go!

Hopefully we can all adapt this challenge to fit our individual lifestyles. Maybe not this September, and hopefully not just for one month, but we can all take away something from the Locavore Challenge that will enhance our own lives! Plus, the competition is fun!

Good luck to all!

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Comment by Cornelia on September 1, 2011 at 9:44pm
Yay! Good luck to you and - most of all- have fun!!


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