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red onion and jalepeno pickle

My Locavore Month is off to a slow start, I must admit.

Here's what I did this week:

- Shop at a Farmers’ Market or Farm Stand. I went to the Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket last Thursday and bought cabbage, apples and pears (FINALLY), broccoli, bok choi (aw, dammit! this is still in the fridge somewhere!), ham, honey, plum tomatoes, kirby cucumbers, and a strangely flavorless watermelon. I don't know what was up with that.

- Try Food Preservation. I made this recipe for pickled jalapeno with red onion (although neither came locally -- ha ha whoops) as seen above, on my lunch this afternoon. It's... very close to being very good. It's quite good as it is now —just a little too oniony. Next time, I'm going to try more peppers and include the seeds for extra heat, I think.

- Start a Garden in Your Community or School. Last night was the first meeting of the Halsey Street Garden association, something I've been helping to organize for the past couple weeks. It's honestly been one of the harder things I've done in quite a while — not that the organizing is hard. In fact, I've been incredibly fortunate to have met a co-organizer who is energetic and enthusiastic, but the idea of being even remotely "in charge" of organizing a bunch of strangers makes my introverted and socially anxious self want to hide under the bed.

There were a few dark moments when my brain sat in a corner and started to think up the excuses I could give for bailing out (I fell down the stairs my kid is sick I had a stroke my cat is on fire) but I soldered on and went to the meeting, and, okay, I was maybe tapdancing at the edge of nervous spazdom, but I think I kept it together well enough.

My own social ineptness aside, the meeting was really great and plenty of people came out (in the rain, no less) to hear us talk about our plans and ask questions and listen to the guy from BK Permaculture talk about mushrooms that can eat diesel fuel (seriously, it was super rad).

So, overall, week one: not that shabby, I guess. Don't forget to visit my site to win an copy of Cooking from the Farmers’ Market!

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