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Most people are aware I'm looking for a small hobby farm roughly two to five acres in size within a 30 mile radius of Carleton (Brian's work...). I prefer homes built between 1880 and 1920. It's my dream to take a neglected historic farmstead and restore it to it's former self, including refurbished/reproduced appliances and decor of the era of it's creation. Perhaps it's my disgust of corporate yuppie America, or the longing for of a simpler time, but nothing out there today compares to the craftmanship or style of that long-passed era.

I know it will be no easy task, as most homes I've looked at need serious TLC such as drywall replacement, window replacement, shrub and tree removal, new flooring, complete paint/wallpaper, and barn renovation and replacement. So long as we have running water, sound electrical, and a sturdy foundation, we're willing to provide the elbow grease required to restore it! Between Brian's construction experience and furniture refinishing skills, and my ability to recreate artwork, knick knacks, and window treatments, we should be in a position to fare quite well.

Some of these houses would appear to be hopeless junkholes to the average observer, but I can visualize them as they once were. I can smell scent of fresh herbs in the air, hear the soft sounds of chickens happily clucking and pecking at the grass, see the family vegetable plot lifting it's leaves towards the sun...

It was once my dream to move to Los Angeles. I understand now why it never came to fruition...

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