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There are days, out here on the road, that you just really want to be doing something else. Now, don't get me wrong... I truly love it out here. The places we go, the things we see, and the people we meet. Most of the people that we know, we wouldn't have met if it wasn't for driving Truck.

But.... there are days (like today) that I really would rather be doing something else with my Hubby than rolling down the road. We pass by homes with huge gardens, horses, cattle, etc. and I find myself wanting those same things more and more. I would love to be working in our garden right now or riding bareback and barefoot out into the woods on my horse. I would rather be on the bank of a river, attempting to catch our dinner. Yet, here we are.... rolling north on I-5 in Oregon, heading to Tacoma Washington to deliver on Monday.

I keep those thoughts alive in my head every day. Those simple things in life that many people take for granted or are too busy to even try doing. Because we have plans. Big plans and big changes. That's why we are Looking Forward, Not Back.

We want a simple life. Though we don't expect it to be easy. It can only be accomplished with hard work and determination to succeed.  Living off the grid is never easy and we are trying hard to prepare ourselves for the moment when we finally say, "It's Time". 20 acres should be fine for what we want to do... but our requirements for the property itself are high.... It MUST have flowing water actually ON the property. Not really interested in a pond....yet. It MUST have a southern exposure both for our solar power, but, for our garden as well. We have found so much helpful information here and other sites, that we have some pretty niffty ideas. See, we are cautious about gardening up in the high country of Montana. We know that our growing season will be short. I would love to have a small green house to extend our season, but, we are worried about the bears who will be in a hurry to stock up before their hibernation kicks in. Oh, we have all kinds of great ideas to try out... Potatoes in a barrel, Strawbale gardening, cold frames, and growing in windows designed just for that purpose.  We plan to raise rabbits, chickens, a pig or two, a couple sheep, a couple head of cattle, our dogs, and 4 horses. That covers just about everything.

So, it's a matter of looking forward and not back. Keep planning and learning and gathering information.

In the mountains of Montana, I don't see us starving by no means. The food is there for the gathering. We should have plenty of lumber to harvest to build our one room cabin, our barn, and sheds. We have a lot to face when it comes to getting things started, but, we look at it as our next great adventure. And we LOOK FORWARD to it happily.

So, when life starts to close in on you, go play in the dirt. Go chop down a tree (not your neighbors!) or go catch your dinner. Look forward to each step, and the next step to follow. Don't spend your time looking back. On to the next great adventure in your life!

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Comment by Shellie A. Gades on May 15, 2011 at 1:27pm


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