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It's been awhile since I've mentioned my venture into cold-process lye soap making.  It's no secret, at least in this house, I've been hooked since I started learning this new skill in November (and have accumulated  the mini-mountains of soap cakes to prove it.)

What I've determined throughout the experience thus far -- the more simple and natural the soap formula, the better I like it.  Not only is keeping the soap vegan-based, and dye and fragrance-free more economical, the finished product is something I prefer to use.

Why? While the dyed, scented bars -- with numerous herbal additions -- are pretty to look at and smell scrumptious at first blush, I have found these elements fleeting.  As the soap continues to cure (unless you add surplus amounts of these ingredients at trace,) the coloration and scent have a tendency to fade over time.

Another important note -- I'm terribly allergic to most everything.  When it comes to applying a homemade soap to this person, I want it to be as pure and natural as possible.  The dyes, scents and herbal additions, in my opinion, do nothing to add to the overall cleansing properties of the soap. What was good enough 130 years ago is good enough for me.  I'm just funny that way.

I have played with the thought of selling a few bars -- mostly so I can prove to my husband that I am not a soap-making maniac and do have a method to this madness.  I'm still mulling this possibility over in my mind.

If I do decide to go public, you'll be the first to know.
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Comment by Tory on January 10, 2011 at 1:10pm
I'm the exact same way about soap!  I just like it au natural, plain jane, pure.  I've had my eyes on making soap for some time.  The only thing holding me back is getting my hands on the ingredients.  Not too easy out where I live, but I'm I could find some suppliers online.  And I say, go for it!  Sell it.


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