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Several years ago, my wife and I decided to add a set of terraces going down the slope towards our pond. The terraces are not very large, each of them is a barrier of large rocks from when we built the house, curved to follow the hillside, and then smaller rocks used to fill the cracks. One ended in a large open end that was too regular shaped, so my wife used landscaping brick to close it in. One terrace started well, but it finally decided it was to level to fill with compost, and it sprouted a small green house. The Bricked Wall, decided it needed more ornamental growth, so it popped up grape arbors, which now need  expanding. The highest terrace kept trying to run away, so I added steel t posts cut off at 14 inches and some cedar board, then topped it off with gravel to create our favorite dinner spot, complete with a 10 foot picnic table.

The table gives us a view of our pond, several bird feeders, the green house, grapevines, tomatoes, onions, eggplants, kale, and what ever else will end up  being planted this year. Two cottonwoods provide a little shade, and deer, turkey, and quail sneak past quietly while jays and finches, blue birds and purple martins keep your head turning. We fix salads or some evenings a cup of coffee or tea, sit, watch, listen. We plan new projects, water the tomatoes, check the peas or other plants in the containers, pick some things for tomorrows salad. Its all good.

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Comment by Jennifer on May 23, 2013 at 12:19pm

Rick: This sounds GORGEOUS, and your description paints a pretty clear mental picture—but photos please! Would love to see it.


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