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Over the weekend, we acquired a 2 year old Boer/Pygmy Whether named Houdini. He is stubborn and tries to get out the gate, but extremely friendly and will follow you around like a dog :) All of the 5 older hens seem to be laying now, and the 4 younger gals should be large enough to start getting acquainted with them in a few weeks! 

I'm taking a break from the last of the barn painting... Scorching 89 degrees, but thankfully I'm working on the shaded north side/rear.

Without further ado, I present Lil Raisin Acres Animal Residents:


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Comment by Jennifer on July 29, 2013 at 1:47pm

Now that's a lively brood! (And anywhere in the neighborhood of 90 degrees sounds like better weather for video shooting than barn painting. Stay hydrated!)


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